Peter Mark Boam lives in Marin County, California, just 2O minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

He began his radio career in Sacramento at the campus radio station while studying mechanical engineering at Sacramento State College.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, Peter went on to work at radio stations across the country.

Peter was a popular radio personality at stations across the nation.

In Madison, the readers of Madison Magazine voted Peter "Madison's Best Radio Personality" five times.

After his broadcasting career, Peter moved into financial services management where he became the Marketing Services Training Manager for Discover Card in Utah.

Peter returned to college in the late 90's in Salt Lake City where he received a Masters degree in Business and Professional Communication from Westminster College.

This led to another career opportunity when he was offered the position of Communication and Compliance Director for California Harley-Davidson in Los Angeles.

Peter now does volunteer consulting with the Center for Volunteer and Non-profit Leadership of Marin County and serves as a board member and Director of Communications for the Mill Valley Philharmonic Orchestra.

For the past seven years, Peter has been the Public Address announcer for many local high school football and basketball games during the school year.

Recently, Peter returned to broadcasting and is "on the air" on an Internet radio startup,  He was given the nickname, "Mr. Smooth" by his colleagues.

KROY, Sacramento, CA
KLIV, San Jose, CA
KJRB, Spokane, WA
KVI, Seattle, WA
WIBA, Madison, WI
KALL, Salt Lake City, UT